Balloon Festival Overview

The Lancaster Balloon Festival is a one-of-a-kind event in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Hosted in the village of Bird-in-Hand, PA the festival features the mass launch of dozens of big, beautiful balloon, family entertainment, fire works, delicious food, Amish goods, and even buggy rides! This is a family-friendly event, suitable for all ages with good food and music in the heart of Lancaster Amish Country.

There are two great ways to experience the festival!
You can book to fly during one the amazing mass balloon accession or enjoy the spectacle from the ground!

Festival Dates & Location:

Festival Dates:
Friday, Sept. 17, 2021 — 6 am to 10 pm
Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021 — 6 am to 10 pm
Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021 — 6 am to 8 pm
General Admission Required – Buy Passes

Festival Address (directions)
2727 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird in Hand, PA 17505

How much do general admission passes cost?
Daily Passes – $10-$20 (buy here)
Weekend Passes – $20-$140 (buy here)

Balloon Ascensions:

Friday: 6:30 am and 6:30 pm
Saturday: 6:30 am and 6:30 pm
Sunday: 6:30 am and 6:30 pm 
*ascensions are wind and weather permitting

Want to fly in a balloon?
Pre-purchased flight tickets required – Book A Balloon Flight Ticket

Do you have fly to enjoy the balloon ascensions? No! Spectating from the ground is just as magical.

How much does a flight ticket cost?
Flight Tickets – $350/person (buy here)

Free On-site Parking in field next to festival – Limited Availability

(Additional parking nearby – map coming soon)

Have questions? See our FAQs section >



Festival Highlights

Mass Ascension Balloon & Balloon Flights

Come to Fly or Just to Watch!
Friday, Saturday, Sunday AM & PM Flights*

Join us from the air OR the ground!
Enjoy this amazing spectacle as dozens of colorful balloons take flight together at sunrise & sunset. *Balloon flights and ascensions weather permitting.

Want to fly in one of the Balloons?
$300/person | Flight Time: 30-60 min | Book Here

Mass Hot Air Balloon Glow

Friday & Saturday Night starting at 8pm
Free w/ General Admission

Watch a spectacular show of balloons igniting their to illuminate the evening sky with dazzling colors!

Walk among the balloons as we acknowledge each attending pilot during our Balloon Pilot Round up.

General Admission Required – Buy Passes

Have questions? See our FAQs section >

Tethered Rides

Friday Through Sunday
3-5min flight | Purchase at Festival

Purchase tickets at one of the kiosk at the festival for a short, gentle float up to about 40 feet for one of the best views in Lancaster County

Hare & Hound Race

Friday, Saturday, Sunday AM

The First balloon in flight will drop a marker right before landing. The following balloons will “race” to be the closest to land near the marker!

Saturday Night Fireworks (after Glow)

Saturday Night at 9pm
Free w/ General Admission

After the Saturday night balloon glow, we’ll really light up the night sky with a professional fireworks display. General admission required.

Niels Duinker,
Comedy Juggler

Friday thru Sunday

World-class juggling, high-energy comedy, and enough charisma to charm any audience to their feet.

PA Dutch Food & Food Truck Festival

Friday thru Sunday

Featuring home-style cooked food from Bird-in-Hand Restaurant and local food trucks.

Bounce House & Corn Maze

Friday Through Sunday

Passes Required (purchase on-site). 12-15 bounce houses, 5-acre corn maze right on the grounds

Reptiles, Music, and Family Entertainment

Friday through Sunday

Free w/ General Admission — Reptile show, juggling, live music, other family friendly entertainment

Amish Market

Friday & Saturday (closed Sunday)

Featuring local Amish goods including food, crafts, and baked goods. The best of Lancaster!

Buggy Rides

Friday through Sunday

Rides sold on-site — Loop around country roads in an authentic Amish buggy

Two Ways To Experience

From The Air | From the Ground

Fly on a Balloon

Book a ticket for a ride on one of the festival balloons and lift off with the dozens of balloons that will dot the Lancaster County horizon. Morning and evening flights available Friday-Sunday.

Fun on the Ground

Not flying in a balloon? No problem! With a general admission pass you can watch the majestic scene of mass balloon launch and balloon glows while enjoying lots of food and entertainment.

Have questions? See our FAQs section >

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Neils Duinker

Gravity is a Joke!™ – Crowds around the world – from Europe to Asia, from Las Vegas to Dubai have experienced the wonder and excitement of Niels Duinker Live!

It’s world-class juggling, high-energy comedy, and enough charisma to charm any audience to their feet.

The two biggest newspapers in his home country of the Netherlands called Niels:

“Juggling Wonder”

Niels is a 3-time National Juggling Champion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do balloons go up all day or is it only at the scheduled times?

Balloon Launches will be at 7 AM and 6:00 PM.

Are there things to do all day or should we just come at the launch times?

There will be music and shows all weekend long! Please see our schedule of events here.

What are the weather requirements for a balloon to be able to fly?

Balloons are very weather dependent and generally there can be no rain or thunderstorms in the area and the winds have to be stable and calm. See weather updates

How do we know if flights are canceled?

Announcements will be made over the PA system at the festival, on our website and on Facebook.

See weather updates

Where is the parking?

Free on-site parking is available as well as back up parking within walking distance of the event.

Does parking cost anything

For the 2021 festival there is no parking fee.

Is this a dog-friendly event?

The event does not allow pets except for service animals.

Is there an age requirement?

To fly in the balloons the age requirement is 6 and up but there is none to attend the event!

How long and how high are the tethered rides?

3-5 minutes and fly up to25 to 50 feet depending on the weather.

Is there a fee to get in?

Yes, general admission tickets will need to be purchased for the event. If you book a balloon ride, your general admission ticket is including in your balloon ticket.

Should we bring lawn chairs/blankets?

Lawn chairs and blankets are permitted in the stage area only. Lawn chairs and blankets will not be permitted on the fields as they are trip hazards for the balloon crews and festival participants.

What is the address of the event?

2727 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird In Hand PA

What is a balloon glow?

A balloon glow is a spectacular sight where the pilots set up their balloons after dark and use the burners and fire to make the balloons glow in the dark!

What is a Hound and Hare race?

A hound and hare race is a competition for the pilots to show off their skills! First one balloon launches, flies for about 15 minutes, then lands and places an “X” on the ground. Then all the other balloons on the field launch and try to drop a sand bag on the “X” and the pilot the closest is the winner!

Are there handicapped accessible balloons?

Yes! we do have some handicap accessible balloons available.

How many balloons will there be?

40+ balloons at this event.

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